Compared to the ‘digital revolution’, the industrial revolution seems like a simple shift in gear. Indeed many industries have been affected by the digital movement. The status quo has been challenged, models and processes have been disrupted, enriched or replaced. The same is true in the advertising space. We noted 4 factual observations:

digital-strategyFACT 1: Digital ad spend is rising 

When 2017 ends, US digital ad spending will hit $72.09 billion, and exceed TV spending, at $71.29 billion. Digital will represent 36.8% of US total media ad spending, while TV will represent 36.4%.


Source: US Digital Ad Spending, by Format, 2016 (billions)

FACT 2: Mobile  is king 

US mobile ad spend will grow 45.0% this year to reach $45.95 billion. As it grows, it will represent an increasing share of overall ad spend. By 2019, mobile will represent more than a third of total media ad spending in the US.


Source: US TV* vs. Digital** Ad Spending, 2015-2020 (billions)

FACT 3: Video is the new black 

Not only will video ad spend continue to grow by double-digit percentages, its share of total digital spending will increase as well. This year, video ad spend will reach $10.30 billion, representing 14.3% of total digital spending. That figure will climb to 15.1% by next year.


FACT 4: TV ads are tested  whereas digital ads are tracked 

Many of the Fortune 1000 companies focus on ad effectiveness to maximise the ROI of their advertisement budgets. Their market research teams and agencies have developed TV ad pre-testing to great sophistication, and they have had many years to do so!

The digital disruption has caught them a bit off-guard. Few of the agencies have a digital pre-testing solution, such as LinkNow for Digital, which mirrors the complexity of digital channels and provides ad diagnostics or predicts in-market effectiveness.


Consequently, on the client side, still too many evaluate their digital creatives on the back foot by reviewing channel analytics.

Isn’t it time we started answering the question “how will my ad perform?”, with insight on how to improve it, instead of “how did it perform?” and crying at the results if it goes South. 


Christophe Ovaere

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Christophe Ovaere

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