Zappi officially launched their Zappi Insiders program on the coat-tails of an exclusive dinner at Eleven Madison Park after The Quirks Event in NYC.

The program is designed with the hopes of fostering an environment of growth and collaboration among top-tier companies.

The program is exclusively for experts in the fields of marketing, insights, innovation, and disruption and is made up of employees from rapidly growing and enterprise-level companies, including several from the Fortune 500.

Zappi Insiders will enjoy a wide range of benefits including:

  • Insiders-only events and networking opportunities like dinners and hackathons 
  • On-demand channel to talk to peers across industries
  • Influence over what gets developed at Zappi
  • Early demos and exclusive tech roadmap on what’s to come
  • Complimentary products and services from Zappi
  • Exclusive look and free or discounted test products in Beta
  • Free tickets to market research and marketing conferences around the world

Ryan Barry, CRO at Zappi commented: “We’re lucky to work with so many smart and inspiring challengers, movers, and influencers across the insights, marketing, and tech space. One of our goals as an organization is to encourage collaboration and forward-movement with our clients, partners, and internally. I’m excited that we’ve created a program to do exactly that.

In addition to nurturing conversation and growth, Zappi hopes to use the insights and input of these Insiders to improve its own technologies and accelerate the advancement of the market research industry as a whole. 

Along with dinner at Eleven Madison Park, Zappi enjoyed a talk on disruption and customer-centric marketing by author and CEO, Michael Brenner. During The Quirks Event, Zappi CRO, Ryan Barry with IBM’s market research program director, Lauren Palmer spoke on change management and iterative testing within the insights function.

Here are the key takeaways from these two talks on how you can help your organization from within the insights function:

  • Test Quickly:  Marketing teams today are agile. Timelines are often cut short and decisions must be made in the same week or even same day as an idea’s inception. This means testing in hours is imperative for the insights function to have a voice and for the customer to have a seat at the table.
  • Test Iteratively: 93 percent of CMOs are under pressure to deliver measurable ROI. For big brands running expensive global campaigns, this means making sure the creative is spot on. Testing iteratively from ideation to storyboarding to rough cuts can help the marketing team rest easy knowing they’re not taking any missteps.
  • Work Across Silos: As marketing teams become more diversified and more siloed, and as digital becomes increasingly prevalent, it’s important to recognize that the role of market research is no longer just in TV and print. Consumer insights should inform all marketing strategy from TV ads to multichannel digital ads on Facebook, YouTube, and more.
  • Look at Data Holistically: In a similar vein, testing for one piece of creative and only using that data to inform a singular piece is short-sighted and not cost-efficient. Look at data and conclusions holistically to inform your overall marketing strategy.

Do you have questions about our Insider’s program? Contact Sasha:

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Sasha Laferte

Sasha Laferte is Zappi's Director of Content, Product, and Engagement. She’s written for a wide range of digital marketing publications including Content Marketing Institute, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, Salesforce, Convince and Convert, and HubSpot. Her experience spans writing for marketing software companies to creating viral content for Wenner Media (the parent company of Rolling Stone and Us Weekly). Sasha enjoys marketing, tech, travel, fitness, sushi, and her goldendoodle Barry. Sasha has a BA in Writing, Literature and Publishing from Emerson College in Boston, MA.

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