I bet you use acronyms. It’s well known that people love business acronyms: And, just maybe, over-use them. Since I started at Zappi four months ago, I have been de-coding the acronyms that have been thrown at me. Including an extra 23 all in one day when I started this post. So far, they take up seven notebook pages, and the list is growing every day.

It can be hard to stay present in a meeting when you have to spend half the time working out what the abbreviations mean. Until you get there, and FMCG, ROI, and CTR all flow seamlessly, it kind of defeats the time saving purpose. There are lots of examples of people getting over-enthusiastic with business acronyms. For me, it went too far when I saw that TLA actually stood for Three Letter Acronym. And not all acronyms are TLAs; some are FLAs (this is helpfully ambiguous, as it could mean Four Letter Acronyms or Five Letter Acronyms – you pick).

Here is a small selection of those I have learned so far. I hope they are useful, and that each UV can get along with my TOV, and we can develop some EAT with these TLAs.  And if you can think of any beginning with H, then please let me know.


ABM – Accounts Based Marketing

AEI – Average Earnings Index 

AI – Augmented Intelligence

AMA – Ask Me Anything  (‘Q&A’ for when you are feeling fancy. Also, go on, comment any questions.)

AMS – Account Management System

API – Application Programing Interface 


BoD – Board of Directors 

B2B – Business to Business

B2C – Business to Consumer

BR – Bounce Rate


CES – Customer Effort Score (How easy is it for a customer to interact with your brand?)

CMS – Content Management System / Customer Management System 

COS – Content Optimisation System

CPC – Cost Per Click

CPG – Consumer Packaged Goods

CPI – Cost Per Interview

CRM – Customer Relationship Management 

CRO – Conversion Rate Optimisation

CSAT – Customer Satisfaction 

CS – Customer Success

CSS – Cascading Style Sheets (Most common style sheet language for formatting web pages. Maybe more web development than Market Research, but understanding the basic principles of the coding behind a website or blog can only help make better content.)

CTA – Call to Action

CTR – Click Through Rate 

CX – Customer Experience

CYA – Cover Your Ass


DAU – Daily Active Users 

DCT – Data Capture Technologies

DMA – Designated Market Area

DNS – Do Not Schedule


EAT – Expertise/Authority/Trust (I suppose what we are all looking to achieve; also a fun one to say.) 

ECPC – Enhanced Cost Per Click

EIP – Enterprise Insights Platform 


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FFS – For F*cks Sake (!)

FMCG – Fast Moving Consumer Goods 

FPS – Frames Per Second 

FWIW – For What It’s Worth (A pretty casual acronym used to give an opinion. It’s one that tripped me up, so I’ve included it for anyone else who may be wondering.) 


GOT – Game of Thrones (Something heard a lot at the office!) 

GTM – Go To Market (Close enough to GMT – Greenwich Mean Time – to be confusing)



IDI – In-Depth Interview

IR – Incidence Rate 

ITDM – Information Technology Decision Manager


JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group (Not the hottest new band, but a way of compressing image files)


KPI – Key Performance Indicator 


LMS – Learning Management System

LTV – Life-Time Value 


MoM – Month on Month

MQL – Marketing Qualified Lead 

MR – Market Research

MSA – Master Services Agreement

MTP – Media Transfer Protocol


NLE – Non-Linear Editor

NLP – Natural Language Programing 

NPS – Net Promoter Score 


OKR – Objectives and Key Results

OSAT – Overall Satisfaction


PAA – People Also Ask (FAQ, but more confusing) 

PII – Personally Identifiable Information

PO – Product Owner

PPC – Pay Per Click

PTO – Paid Time Off (Or ‘Leave’; it’s done a little differently at Zappi. Here the policy is, take leave. No limits or forms, just come back refreshed and ready to work. If that sounds good check out some more on our Careers page.)


QSR – Quick Serve Restaurant 


RCA – Root Cause Analysis (A retrospective analysis designed to to learn from processes and implement safeguards for the future. Hopefully as thorough, but not as traumatic, as the similar sounding dental procedure.)

ROAS – Return on Advertising Spend 

ROI – Return on Investment

R/O/T – Redundant/Outdated/Trivial 


SaaS  – Software as a Service 

SEG/SEC/SEL – Socio-Economic Grade/Class/Level

SEM – Search Engine Marketing 

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation 

SERP – Search Engine Results Page

SLA – Service Level Agreement

SOW – Statement of Work

STP – Straight Through Process 


TDD – Test Driven Development

TG – Target Group

TOFU – Top Of the Funnel (A Marketing term that needs a lot of context to not to be confused with the food.)

TOM – Target Operational Model

TOV – Tone of Voice

TLA – Three Letter Acronym (Utterly ridiculous!)

TURF – Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency (Not fancy grass, TURF is a research method used in Zappi’s Optimize Reach.) 


UAT – User Acceptance Tracking 

UI – User Interface

UTM Tag – Urchin Tracking Module Tag

UV – Unique Visitor 

UX – User Experience 


VOC – Voice of the Consumer


WFH – Working From Home 

WFS – Working From Spain (Very niche but seen a lot in Zappi’s marketing team calendar.)

WOM – Word of Mouth

WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get (This acronym is up there for the prize of ‘Most Ridiculous’ as it is pronounced “wizz-ee-wig”. Try saying that with a straight face.)


XFT – Cross Functional Teams 


YMYL – Your Money or Your Life (Specific to Google’s rules that decide which paid ads rank. Whether you work with ads or not, it is really interesting to look into their systems and the decisions that define how the internet looks each day.) 

YTD – Year to Date 


ZIGL – Zappi Intellection Group Limited (The merger of ZappiStore and Intellection.IO that lead to the Zappi we know and love today) 

ZDA – Zappi Days Away (What happens when Zappi off-sites or throws a company party!)

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