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Link™ methodology audited by the MASB

Originally posted on An audit on Link™, Kantar Millward Brown’s ad testing solution, has been completed by the Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB), a US body that sets standards for linking marketing activities to financial performance. We at ZappiStore strongly...

/ March 1, 2017

Digital advertising: consumer is in control, deal with it.

What a wonderful time it must have been for advertisers 20 years ago! Advertising was so tightly and unilaterally controlled in terms of its creation, distribution and even consumption. The rising popularity of household brands appeared to be unstoppable. Consumers...

/ December 15, 2016

4 key facts on modern advertising

Compared to the ‘digital revolution’, the industrial revolution seems like a simple shift in gear. Indeed many industries have been affected by the digital movement. The status quo has been challenged, models and processes have been disrupted, enriched or replaced....

/ December 7, 2016

For modern Market Research – we need modern Terminology

Commissioning market research implies a formality and time-frame that is no longer applicable to the current insights market argues ZappiStore’s Christophe Ovaere. Language matters. When you speak a certain way or use certain words, it means something. It creates an impression....

/ June 2, 2016

Automation of IP vs DIY Research : A Food Tale Of The Chefs vs Ingredients

Clients are hungry for more, more for less, and more faster. Technology is the only cuisine we can serve to still their appetite! Debate is ongoing with regards to the merits and caveats of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) research in the market...

/ May 16, 2016

Tech revolution in MR is happening; a tale of 7 MR Agencies, 14 products and 1 startup.

ZappiStore has come a long way since its launch in the spring of 2013. Opening shop with a handful of white label products, it took out its automation proposition to the MR industry. In those early days, ZappiStore delighted some...

/ February 16, 2016