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Robyn Patnode brings her background and knowledge of online sampling to Zappistore as the Director of Sampling for the Americas. Robyn comes from 10 years at a leading global panel company. Her background includes research methodologies, sampling best practices and vendor management.

The Customer Is Always Right: Why Building an Audience Is the Centerpiece of Good Research

Traditionally, market research involved extended time in direct conversation with consumers, but a lot has changed since the advent of online research options. Researchers might find that much of the conversation at conferences and in online articles revolves around the...

/ August 6, 2018

How to bring more accurate reports to your insights function: Market research survey best practices

At the heart of market research is a consumer’s willingness to help your company. Consumers are the facet driving market research forward and determining whether your company fails or excels. – Mike Gospe While consumer assistance is still a necessity for...

/ January 10, 2018