When a consumer picks your product off the shelf, they make a decision on whether to buy it or not in just fractions of a second. Creating a compelling pack that breaks through and speaks to the right demographic is critical.

When it came to repositioning a cookie brand for the health-conscious consumer, the team behind this Fortune 1000 CPG company knew that developing the right packaging claims would be a principle part of the communications strategy in re-launching its all-natural cookie snack.

Here’s the process they went through to ensure their relaunch’s success.

The problem: pressure to position quickly

The team came up with 15 potential claims to reflect the list of ingredients in their new recipe and drive trial within the target demographic.

As each of the claims had already been vetted by their revenue, development, and legal teams, they were now under pressure to quickly decide which ones to move ahead with.

Aware of the risks involved in ‘just picking a statement,’ the team needed a reliable and fast solution to guide their decisions with consumer input.

The solution: leveraging insight through automation

The team then turned to BuzzBack Claims Express. The claims ranking tool, used in conjunction with projective techniques and diagnostics could help them determine the highest performing claims for motivating consumer trial.

Importantly, it could also help them verify if winning claims are truly stronger, or simply the best of a weak bunch.

In just six hours, the team were reviewing their results. Among the 15 claims tested, three emerged as most compelling for the new cookie product and were rated higher than the others in the MaxDiff exercise:

Made with natural ingredients
Made with real yogurt
Has a creamy filling

The resulting net scores for all three claims were highly positive, and by checking the significance testing between ranked claims, the team recognized the winning statements were truly ahead of the pack.

The Thought Bubble exercise further illustrated the reasons behind these specific claims being the strongest, with emphasis on natural and real ingredients, which resonated strongly with consumers.

This was done through a visual scenario to help consumers dissociate and articulate key takeaways in their own words. Likes & Dislikes via a text highlighter exercise showed a similar pattern, with natural ingredients consistently ranking amongst the top claims.

An interesting picture emerged when filtering the demographic data, as the brand was particularly interested in the younger, health-conscious demographic. Key words like calories, healthy, and fiber featured prominently in the Likes word clouds for that group, verifying the repositioning had the intended resonance within this customer segment.

Identifying the winning claims

In just a few hours , the team pinpointed the top claims to drive consumer purchase and activate their key demographic, instilling confidence in their product repositioning.

By overlaying the additional diagnostics and consumer verbatims, they also knew exactly which language tweaks would strengthen the winning statements. The concept was swiftly modified and the brand was ready to go ahead with its relaunch.

Read our quick guide to find out how tech can power effective product positioning, fast. Testing a product’s messaging before it’s in-market is a precursor of success. The best way is with market research technology.

You can learn more about Claims Express from BuzzBack and all of its features, on ZappiStore.com.

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