Born out of a week-long hackathon in Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas, M/A/R/C® Rapid Results is not only one of ZappiStore’s most advanced concept testing tools on offer, but, importantly, a case study in effective cross-functional agile development.

The objective of the hackathon was simple: deliver an end-to-end working tool along with a sales and marketing strategy in the course of a week. To do that we brought together a team of 21, representing 9 countries, 2 companies and several functions, from engineers to data scientists, and sampling experts to marketers and put their skills to the test.

M/A/R/C® CEO, Merrill Dubrow caught up with Dave Birch, CTO and Ryan Barry, CRO at ZappiStore to share their first impressions from the hackathon experience.

In Merrill’s own words:

The industry demands innovation, technology and speed; and we developed a product just to do that. I couldn’t be more energized and excited over what we built.



Having each part of the business represented in the hackathon meant dramatically reducing the timeline to deliver the first working product on day 5.

Dave estimates the build could have taken up to 6 months using standard development approaches, adding:

Something that has always frustrated me is the stretch of time – from days, to months, to sometimes years – between the first line of code to solving the actual business problem. Being able to freely negotiate and understand what’s genuinely valuable for the client just changes the game and lets you shrink those timelines back down.

In the case of M/A/R/C® Rapid Results, speed was not achieved at the expense of analytical rigor. The tool is based on the forecasting legacy of M/A/R/C®’s ASSESSOR system and leverages adaptive category benchmarks to diagnose concept potential within hours.

To find out more about M/A/R/C® Rapid Results, visit the product page.

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