Cockapoos, Labradoodles, Yorkie-poos. It seems that every day there is a new designer crossbreed, each more adorable than the last. Breeders aim to take much loved pedigrees, and combine them to produce new breeds that embody the very best characteristics of their parents:  hypoallergenic, adorable, good with kids, adorable, friendly, right size for a city dog, did we mention adorable? 

At Zappi, we have been doing much the same, but without quite as much cuteness as puppies (although not far off, in our opinion). Our new arrival, Zappi Crosstab, takes the very best characteristics of much loved and widely used applications such as SPSS, Excel, and PowerPoint, and rolls them into one beautifully designed, intuitive, easy to use tool that enables you to do more, better analysis, across more data, faster, more flexibly, and more accurately than ever before.

Using new Zappi Crosstab, you can summarize key scores from multiple projects quickly, with built in tools for analysis and data visualisation for fast comparisons. This not only enables you to dive deeper into your results, but also to uncover broader meta insights, at scale, across your library of previously conducted projects.

The tool functions similarly to any other crosstab:  Any survey measure can be added to the rows of the table, and this can be cut by any other survey measure in the columns. You get your table in seconds, complete with automatic statistical testing, without the lengthy configuration required in traditional statistical applications – and then you can turn it into a chart, at the click of a button.

Where it gets clever is that you can add information that is tied to a project, as well as your respondent level data.  The tool can then group multiple projects according to this information, enabling you to conduct analysis at the meta project level.  For example, you might want to compare all the projects you have run using a one target group against another, or you might want to see if your ads or concepts get different scores at different times of year.

And if that wasn’t clever enough, Zappi Crosstab gets even cooler when you combine it with Zappi’s tagging tools.  Our platform gives you the option to tag stimuli according to their content. For example you might tag an advert as ‘contains a celebrity’ or ‘socially responsible’.  The new crosstab lets you compare the scores for all of the ads that have the tag in question against the scores for all of the ads which don’t.

Because you can combine project level and respondent level data, you can take this analysis a step further. For example, you could look at how the score for ‘relevance’ for all ‘socially responsible’ ads differ for males and females, so you can draw conclusions around how effective different advertising strategies are with either gender.

Just think how long it would take you to do all of this analysis and data checking in the traditional fashion – copying and pasting from spreadsheets and analysis packages to do the data work, into slide decks to visualize the outcomes. We estimate it takes no more than five minutes to analyse upwards of 70 separate ads using Zappi Crosstab.

You can even build an ad-hoc tracker with the ads you’ve already tested, with just a few clicks so you can track the performance of your advertising over time. So when your CMO asks you “are our ads getting better?” you’ll be able to tell them the answer. If you’ve been testing them on Zappi, we’re betting that it’s a yes.

“Zappi Crosstab allows me to structure the data however I need for different analyses, and in a way that can easily align with my clients’ reporting templates. I can cut the data in a wide variety of ways, comparing across key segments, different campaigns, etc. with stat testing at the click of a button. Analysis that used to take several weeks to do in SPSS, Excel, and PPT can now be done in a matter of hours using the Zappi Crosstab feature.”

Rebecca Strong, Certified Consultant

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Sasha Laferte

Sasha Laferte is Zappi's Director of Content, Product, and Engagement. She’s written for a wide range of digital marketing publications including Content Marketing Institute, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, Salesforce, Convince and Convert, and HubSpot. Her experience spans writing for marketing software companies to creating viral content for Wenner Media (the parent company of Rolling Stone and Us Weekly). Sasha enjoys marketing, tech, travel, fitness, sushi, and her goldendoodle Barry. Sasha has a BA in Writing, Literature and Publishing from Emerson College in Boston, MA.

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