When it comes to concept testing new innovations, biggest is always best – or so we’ve been lead to think.

According to David Soulsby Global Director, Innovation & Product Development at Kantar TNS, traditional concept screening methods will often fail to account for where new sales are coming from. Therefore they can lead to the launch of products which cannibalize existing business. In this interview, he talks about how this is often true for product launches when a new line extension is launched off the back of a brand’s equity.

Instead, a much better measure of a concept’s value can be derived from the incremental growth potential over time. This way, innovative ideas can be screened on their potential for top-line growth. Not only by measuring the size of the idea, but also its impact on the growth of a business in specific markets – with local benchmarks to show what ‘good‘ looks like in a particular category.

eValuateNow is a concept testing tool from Kantar TNS that identifies which concepts have potential to succeed in market and drive growth, in as little as 24 hours. To find out more, visit zappistore.com.

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Daniel Evans

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