Following two days jam-packed with discussions, thinking and workshops around the most innovative topics in the insights world, IIeX Europe has just ended, leaving attendees with plenty of food for thought until its next edition.

ZappiStore was there for it all and brings you the highlights of some of the most impactful sessions at this year’s IIeX Amsterdam.


Musical Chairs with Social Media is Making Me Dizzy!

Federico Capaci (TNS) & Paolo Melegari (Barilla)

Market research in the social media era: the top rules for handling social media data, including giving structure to unstructured data and listening to the right places at the right time.


Freeing Research Through Technology

Steve Phillips (ZappiStore)

Can you keep the high-profit parts of the research process and dispense with the low? Automation lets you focus on the design and action stages of research, areas where humans can add value as compared to machines.


Copy Copy Copy

Mark Earls (HERD)

What drives consumer decisions when it comes to products like tech, music, sprays and wearables? A hands on workshop packing big lessons on herd behaviour..


How to Turn Big Data Into Actionable Data

Annie Pettit (Peanut Labs)

Star Trek-themed learnings on how to make big data actionable: make sure you clearly define your problem and remember: your IT must support big data and your leadership needs to believe in it.


The Men Who Stare at Screens: Automation & Interpretation in a Visual World

Matt Lynch (Big Sofa)

‘Knitting’ vs. coding: manual research labour as compared to automation. Arguably, ‘if it’s not automated, it’s not analytics’, on the other hand, ‘masters of code are not masters of the universe’.


The Journey for Insights (And Why Some People Prefer to Stay Home)

Stan Knoops (IFF) & Hans Lingeman (Winkle)

What are basic, linear and delighter needs? The answer depends on where your product sits on the growth S curve. Is there potential to disrupt the market and thus, delight your customers?


Partners in Innovation

Panel: Carley Fain (Shortlist), Jeroen Verspeek (BBC),Andrey Evtenko (Nestle) & Ben Robins (Audible), Moderated by Steve Phillips (ZappiStore)

Innovation is 99% perspiration. Is the client’s world more conservative than agencies? What drives innovation and what are the requirements for pushing a behaviour change in the organisation?


The 5 Things Insight Professionals Should Do in 2016

Ray Poynter (NewMR)

Staying relevant and impactful in a fast changing environment: mobile first, focus on emotion and be an automation winner, not loser, by focusing on what’s hard to automate and letting machines take care of the rest.


What were your IIeX top picks? Join the #IIeX discussion on Twitter and share your highlights from this year’s conference.


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