January is disappearing before our eyes and your new year’s’ resolutions might feel less important now than they did on the first. You promised yourself that this year you’d lose that weight, this year you’d finally complete dry January, and this year was sure to be your year.

The new year often comes with professional goals on top of personal resolutions. Whether you’re looking for a promotion in your organization or trying to move to a new company, it’s important you show measurable results and prove you’re a valuable addition to your team. With that in mind, I put together some ideas on improving your approach to market research in 2018 and hopefully helping you get that promotion. Here are three things you can do in your insights role to help you achieve your New Year’s resolution.

1. Reduce Spend and Speed up Productivity

As marketing becomes faster and more agile in the digital age, many market researchers are feeling pressure to follow suit. For many, this means cutting spend and increasing productivity. One method for doing this is automated market research.

Many market research processes such as data collection, data management, charting, and reporting (most of which are being outsourced) can be automated. Traditional manual approaches take up huge swathes of time without going very far to adding value or profit – and by the time these processes finish, it’s usually too late to make any truly impactful decisions based on the resulting data.

You need research that’s on par with the speed of modern business.

It’s crucial that business leaders become aware of the different technologies available to them and their organizations.

2. Broaden Your Skill Set

Automation won’t impose on the creative, human-centric roles in research. As researchers, our primary job function is as storytellers and consultants. This is vital to the industry and encourages marketers to act on data – rather than collect and manage it. We need to become adept in the art of persuasion and facilitate change management – internally as well as for clients.

Expanding the skillset of your workforce is highly recommended.

Start speaking like a research technologist by attending conferences and learning about the latest innovations and how to make your research faster, cheaper, and better.

This extends beyond the standard industry conferences like IIeX and ESOMAR; attend those with a mainly tech focus too, such as the annual Web Summit – or get involved with organizations like the Singularity University.

3. Test Iteratively

One of the best ways to improve your function is to test regularly. Testing only at the beginning stages or final stages of branding or product can result in non-optimised launches. Either decisions are made too early and your creative flops, or the testing can happen too late and results in needing a complete overhaul. No matter when you test, if you’re only testing once, you’re walking through most of your creative process blindly.

One way to avoid this problem and support your organization’s creative team throughout their entire process is to move toward faster-processing market research tech. If in doubt about the viability of this option, take a look at any other industry and map how technology has had a transformative effect on the businesses operating in the space. The most negatively impacted were those that were the least prepared for change.

So we understand precisely what needs to be done, but we struggle to implement the new behaviour we know is inevitable. For a lot of us, this equates to some pretty fundamental changes in how we work. But the truth is, the longer we leave it, the harder it will be to catch up.

What to do?

Interested in learning how market research automation can help improve your insight’s department’s speed, efficiency, and ROI? Check out our report on what emotions make your ads make you more money.

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