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An audit on Link™, Kantar Millward Brown’s ad testing solution, has been completed by the Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB), a US body that sets standards for linking marketing activities to financial performance.

We at ZappiStore strongly believe in the value the expertise and methodologies research agencies bring to the table for the buyers of market research. Having said that, measuring the ROI of market research spend or aligning it with the financial measurement of the company is not a given!

As a partner, we are super proud Kantar Millward Brown put Link™ to the test with the MASB, which resulted in a positive audit review.

“By putting Link™ through the MMAP protocol, Kantar Millward Brown has shown its commitment to helping marketing and insights leaders work with their financial counterparts to make confident investment decisions for their businesses,” said Allan Kuse, MASB Executive Director and Chief Advisor of the MMAP Center.

How does this work in practice? The specific MASB’s Marketing Metric Audit Protocol (MMAP) has a two-step evaluation. Link™ metrics were evaluated on:

  • How well they reflect marketing activity.
  • How they are reflected in companies’ financial performance.

It will in total be assessed against 10 criteria for ideal marketing metrics, including relevance, predictive validity, sensitivity, simplicity, and transparency.

“It has always been important to us that Link™ predicts real life outcomes for brands. Our own validations over the years have supported these findings, and we’re pleased to add MASB’s objective review”, Daren Poole, SVP, Global Brand Director, Creative Development, Kantar Millward Brown.

Link™ is designed to allow marketers to understand the effectiveness of creative and how to optimize it, with advice from experts, before launch. It benchmarks ads against a database of over 150,000 tests.

On ZappiStore, you can find several tools leveraging the Link™ framework: LinkNow for Digital, LinkNow TV and eStatic.

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