We are living in a time of transformative change. Gen Z – born with technology at their fingertips – is now approaching adulthood. With their lives shaped by the digital age, brands who target such demographics often struggle to relate with them and communicate effectively.

How to engage the next generation

A new study AdReaction: Engaging Gen X, Y and Z, reveals that the opinions and behaviors of Gen Z will have an immediate impact on how the marketing landscape develops. Understanding such post-millennials will therefore benefit all brands, not just those targeting young consumers. Brands need to adapt quickly to the values and attitudes of this generation, if they aim to keep pace and remain relevant.

An important finding from the AdReaction study is: developing advertising that works across all generations is tough. It’s particularly tricky to get Gen Z to engage, because they are highly discriminating and more averse to advertising in general. In the online space, Gen Z is significantly more likely to skip ads, suggesting they have a lower threshold for boredom.

Gen Z is also more turned off by invasive, interruptive online and mobile formats. This may be because the digital realm is truly their space, and advertising there is even less welcomed by it than by other generations. Surprisingly, like other generations, Gen Z has a strong preference for ads in traditional media over digital media – however, even here their attitude is typically less positive.

At the same time as Gen Z is emerging, marketers are challenged by the continued fragmentation of media channels. This means they are scrambling to determine how to engage their target audiences – and the number of available options doesn’t make this easy. The rapid rise of online video and mobile ad formats makes it hard to know what type of creativity will work, and where best to place it. It has never been harder to make media investment decisions.

Pre-testing digital ads

“Pre-testing ads has always been a good way for marketers to maximize ROI. With the rapid rise of digital platforms and contexts, pre-testing is even more important today. Our LinkNow for Digital solution optimizes content across platforms and tests creative in-context to extend our traditional, validated survey responses with behavioral insights such as skip rate,” said Duncan Southgate of Kantar Millward Brown’s Global Media & Digital Practice.

LinkNow for Digital available at Zappistore delivers results within a few hours and matches the speed and agility of the digital creative space. Now you can bring Gen Z into the conversation when optimizing your digital ads and get your media investments right.

AdReaction: Engaging Gen X, Y and Z, by our partner, Kantar Millward Brown, is the first global study to reveal Gen Z’s behaviors, attitudes and responses to advertising. More than 23,000 consumers across 39 countries were interviewed. Qualitative research was also conducted with Gen Zers in the US, China and Germany, and 31 ads were tested across TV and digital platforms in 10 countries. For the full report visit www.millwardbrown.com/adreaction.

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