With the new year ahead, it’s important we build good habits and shed the unhelpful ones. Marketing is moving quicker, so here are three key areas where you and your business should make some important (and overdue) changes.

Marketing projects are happening quicker, there’s a disparity of media types, and we all know about the ‘agile’ trend… – Stephen Phillips, CEO

Resolution 1: Increase your digital ad spend

Digital ad spend

Source: MAGNA

We all saw that a shift in ad spend was looming, but 2017 was the year that digital finally beat TV, reaching $209 billion worldwide (that’s 41 percent of the market). TV brought in $178 billion (35 percent).

Take the fight online – but have a game plan. The digital arena is cluttered and competitive, so it’s important new challengers stand out from the crowd. Many create unique campaigns for online spaces, while others repurpose successful TV ads for use on YouTube prerolls and the like. These techniques don’t necessarily determine success, mind, as online consumers are typically younger and busier – or a lot less patient.

By 2020, it’s expected that digital ads will make up 50 percent of all ad spending. It’s important that marketers spend time deciphering their target audience, rather than preemptively jumping on a digital bandwagon and pumping dollars into ad campaigns that don’t hit home.

Resolution 2: Go where they go (be mobile)

Mobile ad spend

Source: Zenith

2017 has overseen another exciting shift in ad trends: online ad spending moved from predominantly desktop to mobile. By 2019, mobile spending is forecast to reach $156 billion, accounting for 62.5 percent of internet expenditure and 26.4 percent of all expenditure, according to Zenith.

This heralds a transformation in how digital brands are perceived, as the above figure equates to much more than the sum of all traditional media put together (excluding TV). Point being – if you’re not where the consumer is, you’ll go unnoticed.

These days, the consumer is on the move, so you’ll need to go along with them and optimise your ads to best suit their device and mindset.

Resolution 3: Test digital creatives before they’re live

Digital advertising

Where to start? Digital advertising across various social media…

If you’re spending money on digital ads (unexplored territory for some), you’re going to want as much reassurance as possible that they will deliver a sizeable ROI – or else you’ll be spending far more on a lot less exposure.

Many market research agencies have developed sophisticated pre-testing methods for TV ads and marketers have long been in the habit of testing first. But now that automated research exists that’s both quicker and more cost-effective, there’s no excuse for cutting corners with digital.

LinkNow for Digital by Kantar Millward Brown is an example; this tool helps predict in-market effectiveness and acknowledges the complexity of different digital channels by way of in-context testing. Too many ask, ‘how did my ad perform?’ and evaluate their creatives on the backfoot by reviewing social analytics. Rather, it’s time to ask, ‘how will my ad perform?’.

With the resulting data, you can be sure your ad is a winner by making changes that contribute to an impactful execution.

Throughout 2017, we explored further tips around success in digital advertising with Kantar Millward Brown. Read this short guide based on twenty years in the business.

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