In 2013, we set out to create an automated insights platform. Our goal has always been to help businesses like yours make better decisions by using the voice of the consumer.

So far, we’ve welcomed prominent Fortune 100 brands as customers, developed 25 new solutions in-house, and scaled what we do globally.

It’s been an amazing journey, made more satisfying by working with our customers and learning their insights needs. We’ve helped them drive change in their own organizations and adapt in a challenging landscape. By working side-by-side, we’ve evolved together.

So just as we’ve encouraged you to listen to your consumers for the past four years, we’ve listened to ours more than ever over the past eight months. It’s finally time for us to put what we learned into action.

Today, we’re pleased to share the results.

Our Brand

When Zappi first started, we were focused on being faster, cheaper, and good enough. Now we focus on better. The ‘quick and dirty’ marketing research space will grow, and we wish those firms the best, but our business fulfills a different purpose.

We had to evolve in order to mirror our vision, and in true Zappi style, we developed all of our new branding assets iteratively, with Blue State Digital (BSD) as our amazing ad agency partner, and world-class marketing organization.

Every step of the way we involved intense consumer feedback. The route we took to reach our final result proved the value in having on-demand insight; we could test, learn, and build confidence in our new brand persona round the clock.

The days of Zappi being an app store of market research tools are over.

Zappi is a platform. We automate process and scale expertise to help insights and marketing departments make better decisions.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Our technology is staggering, but what really separates us is our people; their diversity, their intelligence, and their commitment to excellence is rare. It took a leap of faith for them to trust us on this evolution, but the support across our entire business has been amazing. The new brand reflects our purpose, our tech, and the beautiful people we’re lucky enough to have build it.

Let’s walk you through…

Our Set-Up Process

Since we merged with Intellection Software in 2016, we have been working to bring the best of both organizations to light. Today, we’re revealing our new user interface which provides you, our user, with one unified platform. This simplifies project set-up by leveraging the work you’ve already done.

Project set-up time will immediately be reduced by 30% and continue to gain efficiencies over time. This is one step to improving the overall user experience of our platform.  

Our Reporting Platform

Thanks to customers across the world, we co-created a reporting system that gives users more value from the data they’ve already collected by unlocking more advanced statistics, cross-project analytics, and dynamic data storing; helping answer day-to-day business questions more efficiently.

Today, we roll out many of the premium reporting platform’s core elements to Zappi users worldwide, without any additional costs.

You can expect to see all your research in a simple interface, automatically build longitudinal reports, and dig deeper into the data. For those who decide to purchase one of our subscription packages, you can also run on-demand meta-analysis, look at benchmarks by brand as well as product type, track ad campaign goals, and utilize automated statistical techniques across your projects. This helps inform bigger decisions around merger strategies and what works in terms of moving the metrics you care about.

Doing Business With Us

Often, our clients will spend more time getting PO’s than running projects. That’s why we’re rolling out new pricing packages that offer the most competitive industry rates. These packages enable you to use our platform when you need it, without wasting time on paperwork.

Step-by-Step Onboarding

Our teams examined the onboarding of over 500 organizations to our platform and took learnings on how to effectively consult on the right set up process for your organization. We’re implementing a new onboarding process that both ensures we drive cross-functional alignment both internally and externally, and also the products and campaigns you’re launching will deliver. To learn more about how the best companies are doing it, get in touch and a member of our customer transformation and customer success teams can help you get started.

Our Approach to Audience: Context on Sampling in Market Research

To do great research and have scalable data, you need consistency. Insights departments are inefficient in the way they access consumers and will often change scope from project to project. This results in an inability to scale longitudinal findings and prevents them from getting the true benefit: comparing results across categories and understanding their audiences’ opinions of their content or products long-term.

Clients get these kinds of requests from marketing and ad agencies, but the research community isn’t doing enough to help. So Zappi is taking a stand. Our surveys are short and mobile friendly, and it is our responsibility to help our clients and their partners, have sampling frameworks set up to answer business questions in a scalable way.

What We’re Doing About It

Today, we announce the launch of our audience system, allowing brands across categories to have a consistent approach to sample. Our system leverages all of the main industry sampling providers, as well as a new wave of thinking in the programmatic and publishing world, all controlled in ways that maximize representativeness, consistency, and scale of respondents.

This will require you to think differently, but we are here to help. We have rolled out pre-set audiences for our top verticals, as well as a template for using audiences that will give you all the benefits of long term viability. Screen at the category consumption level, but filter by brand, retailer, and usage frequency; this way, you can maximize scale and efficiency.

Certified Consultants Today, our Certified Consulting Program is launching in the US, which will shortly be followed by Europe and Asia. The Zappi Certified Consultants program gets you the best of both worlds: speed, affordability, and in-depth insights of our automation platform, with the hands-off approach and simplicity of traditional market research methods. This program comes with a personal consultant and Zappi-specific training on projects, report analysis, and more.

We currently have a small group of certified partners. We’re accepting applications for more, so join us and get certified as consultants in the days to come. If you’re interested, look here.

So, if you’re interested in hiring a Zappi Certified Consultant, please inquire with your customer success or sales lead to learn more about how it may work for your team.

Ryan Barry

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Ryan Barry

Ryan Barry is the Chief Revenue Officer at ZappiStore.

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