It’s time to settle this.

Cats are adorable. Their power to manipulate humans into taking care of them and doing their bidding is undeniable. The Zappi office is no exception to this and being the UK’s second favourite pet to dogs, cats are regularly used in advertising as a guaranteed way to melt hearts and emotionally connect with customers for pretty much anything you can think of.


Kitten Biscuits!

So whether you’re caught in the advertising cross-fire of cuteness or are pretending to be interested in a presentation of cat photos on your friend’s phone, like us, you may find your inner geek begin to take over and start to debate the scientific merits of one cat over another…

Or rather, which cat is cuter and would be more likely to reach commercial superstardom?


We’re not sure where the link is either

In an effort to find the purrfect cat (get it?) for today’s advertising world, we placed 6 of our favourite kittys on different packaging designs for cat food and asked a sample of panelists which one they would prefer to buy.

We could have easily just put it to a vote in the office, but we wanted to prove it! So we used our own professional research tools and asked a representative sample of the UK – cat lovers or not!

If we were going to run a cat test, we were going to do it the right way.

To protect the identify of the cats (and to make sure the naming didn’t create an unfair bias), we referred to each cat as Whispers 1, 2, etc.

So, here are the contenders

Whispers 1

Whispers 1 – “Shy Cat”

Whispers 2

Whispers 2 – “Turtle Cat”

Whispers 3

Whispers 3 – “Mouse Cat”

Whispers 4

Whispers 4 – “Micro Cat”

Whispers 5

Whispers 5 – “E.T. Cat”

Whispers 6

Whispers 6 – “Nosey Cat”

After sharing the cats with our panel, we had our results in a few hours…

Overall Ranking


There’s no doubt about it. Whispers 5 is a clear winner with 36% of participants rating it as their favourite. It also received the highest number of compliments, which is no surprise 🙂

#4 Micro Cat Associations


When we put it to them, Whispers 4 ranked higher in uniqueness and whether the packaging looks better than existing brands than any other contender!

#2 Turtle Cat Comments


It’s clear that the kittens in Whispers 4, 2 and 5 are much preferred over the adult cats. Over 49% of panelists thought Whispers 2 was cute – the most cute of all of the cats.

#5 E.T Cat Heat Map Analysis


Despite being overall winner, we found out that the mustard colour of the box on Whispers 5 was the top dislike of all the packaging choices.

Upon closer analysis, our heat maps revealed that panelists enjoyed Whispers 5’s cute button face and tiny paws the most – so cute!

The Verdict

Despite being framed in less tasteful colours, Whispers 5 was a clear winner from our tests. A key takeaway being that close-ups of kittens showing some emotions is a sure-fire way to win over an audience. No brainer!

To get this data, we asked a sample of 191 British participants using our Favor It tool and received results in 3 hours, 24 minutes and 27 seconds. You can learn more about how it works on the Favor It page.


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