Package design – Setting yourself apart in any circumstance

When I was working in branding at SAB Miller in Peru, a key part of brand portfolio was creating a unique package for each brand that would communicate its values and grab the attention of the consumer no matter the...

/ October 27, 2015

ZappiStore goes to Web Summit

ZappiStore is heading off to Dublin on November 3rd to join one of the biggest events in the global startup scene. We are excited to spend 3 days meeting with other promising players in the tech industry, following panel discussions and building relationships with the...

/ October 22, 2015

Meet ZappiStore at TMRE 2015

We are off to Orlando, FL for this year’s Market Research Event and are looking forward to catching up with brands, agencies and market research players from around the globe. If you’re attending, make sure to look out for our trademark balloons and the huge...

/ October 22, 2015

Stand out on the shelf without spending your entire budget

What are the impact of marketing-mix when consumers go shopping ? Shopping takes our time and money, and the experience can leave consumers lost and confused. When a consumer is in shopping mode, how much can you impact their behavior?...

/ October 22, 2015

5 Tips to Make Your Insights Department Agile

At ZappiStore, we have had the pleasure of meeting with insights departments small and large across many verticals. These tips are a culmination of some of the broad principles we see around the more agile, outcome focused groups. Hopefully insights...

/ October 8, 2015

Minimum Viable Insight in the agile research process

At ZappiStore, we have continued to lead the charge in presenting the fact that agile research is not a method, but rather a mindset. Part of it is using the myriad of tools that you have at your disposal, both...

/ September 25, 2015

OutRunning Cancer Together

With ESOMAR Congress coming up next week, ZappiStore is heading to Dublin – and we’ll be carving out some time for something besides Market Research for a change.

/ September 23, 2015

ZappiStore and Millward Brown Partners Day

ZappiStore was excited to welcome the Millward Brown Global Innovations team to our London HQ earlier this month. Our team is working closely with our Millward Brown partners to further develop and optimise our existing products, so that we can...

/ September 18, 2015

2014 Review: The most significant developments

As we reach the end of 2014, it’s time to look back at the past 12 months in research. In this, the first of a series of five review articles, Research-live reveals what industry players see as the most significant...

/ December 18, 2014