ZappiStore has come a long way since its launch in the spring of 2013. Opening shop with a handful of white label products, it took out its automation proposition to the MR industry. In those early days, ZappiStore delighted some of the largest CPG companies with their offering, who then helped them expand into new markets. With client endorsement of automation in the back pocket, we reached out to research agencies, evangelizing the benefits of automation: cost efficiency and speed.

The first agency to join the store was TNS who automated and launched TNS Conversion Model Express onto ZappiStore. Shortly after we were delighted to welcome Millward Brown and MMR as members to the store with their first listings.

Now we are thrilled and emotional (pun intended!) to be welcoming BrainJuicer as the latest Agency Member to the store. Working with a multiple winner of “Most Innovative Agency” is very  exciting.

The current offering on the shelves at ZappiStore offers tools addressing Copy testing (from Millward Brown, BrainJuicer, Zappi White label and soon Affectiva), Concept/idea screening (BrainJuicer and Zappi White label), Media Planning/Touch point (Pointlogic), Pack testing (MMR), Brand equity (TNS & Added Value).

We feel it is important to further build out and diversify our offering with tools from big agencies to small boutique ones. The criterion remains ‘great research thinking’. ZappiStore’s goal is to work with the best thinkers in the research industry and help them bring that thinking to clients in a way that retains the quality that they value but also delivers on cost and time. We are actively talking to a range of other agencies who are interested in building with us to get their great thinking and IP into an automated environment.

It should not surprise anyone that clients are delighted to benefit from automation while continuing to leverage the quality research thinking they are accustomed to. And given the current industry trend and requirements, it is not a luxury but rather a prerequisite to address and answer the cost & time questions in some way or another. Stan Sthanunathan  from Unilever summarizes Unilever’s challenge to their MR suppliers as: “50% of the cost 50% of the time, 200% of the impact”.

Steve Phillips, CEO ZappiStore says: “I worry that in the drive for speed some clients are forgetting quality, and DIY surveys are being used more often even within smart corporates. We know the old saying of garbage in and garbage out but the key reason DIY is being used is speed. We see ourselves as offering the benefits of DIY but with the expertise of top researchers included, automatically.”

Together with our member agencies we can offer clients the best of both worlds enabling them to get the triumvirate of great quality, speed and cost. We provide the platform and the member agencies provide the thinking. This is also changing the behaviour of our clients so that when previously they would have conducted one research project during the development of a new ad or product, now they can use a much more iterative test and learn approach. They can have an idea in the morning, test it using one of the industry’s best testing protocols over lunch and make an informed decision about where to go next in the afternoon. Or tweak it and test it again!

It’s an exciting new world and we hope 2016 becomes the year where Gonzalo Fuentes’ (Millward Brown) prediction of a tech revolution and consultancy evolution for our industry comes to be. From our end we will do our part and can’t wait to announce other major research partnerships soon.

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Christophe Ovaere

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