Automation is in the process of changing the market research and insights world.

Things are moving faster than ever before, there is more data than ever before, and more research is being conducted than ever before. In this fast-changing world, many jobs and roles will disappear and many new ones will be created – a recent PWC report suggested that 38% of jobs in the USA and 30% in the UK could be replaced by robots over the next 15 years.

In this report, Stephen Phillips and Ray Poynter of NewMR explore the topic of which skills will be needed in an automating world.

You can download the report here.

What’s included in the report?

  • The increasing portability of skills
  • Skills in focus for entrepreneurial and artisanal researchers
  • Advice to new and veteran researchers
  • What roles/ tasks are most at risk

Automation is set to be a driving change for market research in 2017. In conjunction with ZappiStore, NewMR are broadcasting a five-part webinar series that looks at what is happening, strategies for thriving in a time of change, and key steps you can take to be an automation winner.

To register for the series of webinars click here.

The upcoming topics in this series include:

  • A client’s view of automation.
  • Automation: a strategy of tactical efficiencies.
  • Using agile approaches and automation to go from research grind to actionable results.
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