One key factor that can make or break a research project is in choosing the appropriate research methodology.

At Zappi, our mission is to continue making market research cheaper, faster, and (crucially) better. However, having made research cheaper, it’s become much more accessible to those of us who might not be familiar with what’s traditionally been available.

With such a wide variety of solutions on offer through the Zappi platform, we asked an important question: how can we make sure newcomers know they’re getting the best value? Our short answer is ‘ask the wizard’.

Decomplicating the Research Process

Navigating different kinds of tests, research, methodologies, charts, measures, and audiences is a chore for newbies. Often, standalone research solutions don’t clearly describe what they do in their title alone, which in turn makes it hard for people to find the right tool or test for the job.

So, Zappi’s latest redesign sought to tackle the challenge of understanding this alien terminology in two ways: first, we re-categorized our solutions by ‘sphere of research’ and, secondly, further narrowed the field by dividing them by lifecycle stages. Here’s a closer look:

Zappi's research lifecycles

Categorizing Our Solutions by Spheres and Lifecycles

If you’re marketing-minded, look closely at our Advertising offering to flawlessly harmonize an entire campaign before the public even lays eyes on your creatives.

  • Test and rank your initial ideas and concepts
  • Refine individual elements (such as the inclusion of celebrity and taglines)
  • Test early-stage animations and storyboards
  • Test your finished ads across mediums (digital, video, audio, and outdoor)
  • Track their performance in-market and adjust your creatives accordingly

Thinking about kickstarting a brand new product or service? Take a look at our Product Development solutions to test them with target audiences at every stage prior to launch.

  • Discover gaps in the market and trial concepts
  • Establish your product’s the most attractive price and positioning
  • Choose a name using behavioral science
  • Identify which packaging styles are the most eye-catching and influential at shelf level
  • Validate and optimize your overall product design

If users aren’t clear on precisely where their product or advertising project sits in the relevant lifecycle, they can navigate through the above stages using our new Q&A-style Wizard tool.

Our Wizard Walks You Through Your Choice of Solutions

Our new wizard functionality was a thrill to implement as we knew it would have a transformative effect on how users’ navigate our catalog of tools. It’s simple, taking on the role of a human researcher and asking questions designed to find the perfect solution.

Zappi's Wizard tool

We considered clients’ most commonly asked questions and embedded them into the platform to scale the benefits. We also included a comparison view to help differentiate between similar solutions, helping really pinpoint the benefits of each variant.

Zappi's comparison tool

By identifying the taxonomy of questions and answers to navigate life cycles, Zappi is also future-proofing itself. We’ll be ready to operate in a world wherein users can organically navigate our product offering by talking to their smart speaker devices. 

Key Takeaways

  • Consider where your desired project fits in Zappi’s Advertising and/or Product Development Lifecycles and the kind of insights you need in order to move forward
  • Use Zappi’s Wizard tool to answer relevant questions about your project and establish the most useful research solutions
  • Compare them to narrow down which solution offers the best value (think: project price, number of stimuli, methodology, level of detail, and so on).


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