Holiday shopping as you knew it has changed, so why haven’t we changed the way we think of the consumer? Their purchasing behavior has been changing for over a decade now, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Since the advent of consumers have looked more and more online to fulfill their shopping needs. Now, in the busiest time of year for purchasing, as marketers and insights people, we rely on clunky research methodologies or our gut while blindly applying creative build to drive awareness in an environment that for most categories this holiday season could lead directly to a sale for your business. It is as if we were looking in the dirt, to see what life is like in the sea.

Fortune recently published an article telling retailers and brands alike to get ready for the coming wave of e-commerce. Most notable is the fact that e-commerce and online retail is set to grow this year at triple the rate of traditional or in store retail. People are going online to research and to buy, this has been a trend for over a decade and yet we as researchers have failed to tackle that? Why? Is it because we never had the tools to do so? Not true! At least, not true anymore.

The advent of digital media has certainly given us a way to shorten the conversion between seeing a piece of creative and acting on it and purchasing the product, or subscribing to the brand. Now as more brands move to spending a greater amount of their marketing budget on digital media, the space has crowded, and it is harder to break through the noise. The need for testing the effectiveness of digital media is clear, and yet nobody does it. Why? Traditional research does not match the objectives of digital media, and any insights gained would only be learned as the campaign or effectiveness of the creatives had come and gone. Traditional research was slow and laborious, so it never could handle the speed of the digital boom.


Black Friday is Two weeks away

As retailers prepare for the commerce burst of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, many will be looking toward their digital media to drive conversion. It is vital now more than ever (guess what, it is going to be even more important in 2016, and even more so in 2017) to stand out in your creative. There are two approaches, you can go the risky and non-convenient guerilla way, or you can make sure that your creative is relevant, enjoyable, unique, and drives purchase intent by testing it.

“But market research hacker, why are you telling me to test my creative when Black Friday is two weeks away, and doing the research will take 6 weeks?”

According to this Ad Reaction Study by Millward Brown, people are not consuming media in the traditional sense any more. This means we have to reach them in new ways, read them in new ways, and be very quick as their attention is divided amongst multiple screens and media. The answer is not traditional research, the answer is digital, the answer is to test where they view, the answer is a market research tool that can understand their reaction and couple it with behavioral measures appropriate to that media outlet, be it FaceBook, YouTube, a mobile device, an email, static or video. This is why we partnered with Millward Brown to create LinkNow for Digital. Our aim is to empower digital creative with knowledge and data, allowing it to have the desired impact, and break through the cacophony of updates, photos, and videos from P&G, Red Bull, to your friend’s holiday photos, to Vice News, to your uncle’s political rants. You have less than second to grab their attention, seconds to hook them, and a fleeting moment to convert, so it is vital to ensure your posts, emails, mobile campaigns, and even YouTube pre-rolls are going to be effective before you post and they get lost in the black hole of social media.

This holiday season, whether for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Hanukkah, Christmas, or any other message of joy that you wish to deliver, make sure you stand out. Make sure you test your posts using LinkNow for Digital on ZappiStore.

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