Do you ever feel as if the respondents to market research surveys are faceless non-entities?

You can’t picture them, you can’t imagine identifying with them, and by the time you know what they think, they’ve long since become ones and zeros. Do you ever wish you could see them, understand the motives behind their feedback, and most importantly, share their human insight with your wider business?

For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate. – Margaret Hefferman

We live in the age of big data, but executives increasingly crave storytelling. This article highlights the importance of incorporating video feedback into your quantitative research for deeper context, rich meaning, and discovering the people behind your data.

Why does framing the human experience matter?

Market research has always been about looking over one’s shoulder to see how an asset has performed, rather than looking ahead and deciphering what an asset is likely to achieve in future. It can often be thought of as a check-box exercise.

Carelessly running ads or new products through a quick survey due to a sense of obligation is not an effective way of conducting research – and neither is settling on A/B testing in-market. 

Playing a numbers game won’t suffice. Industry norms have their place and can give a good indication of whether a product or ad will see success (or failure), but how can a brand tap into its emotional connection with consumers?

Answer: By bringing the human element back into data and layering qualitative insight atop quantitative validation. This one of the truest indications of a brand’s future performance.

Simplify. We suffer from information overload.

We receive more than five times as much information as in 1986. – Greenbook, 2015

People have too much going on. We absorb adverts, demands, and data from all angles every day, with only a few moments to take it all in. When it comes to decision-making in a business sense, market research is one of many aspects that require forethought; at times it can tumble down the list of priorities, while more straightforward tasks soak up the limelight.

It makes sense that stakeholders and clients seek research that cuts through the clutter and reveals the most powerful and impactful perspectives on their content.

Zappi’s Ernie Collings on why VoxPopMe is different

For a long time, research buyers have thought video research is impractical because traditional methods have meant that sample is notoriously difficult to acquire, video responses need be reviewed, tagged, and tallied individually, as well as manually scoured for recurring themes.

There are companies that offer other video capture solutions, but the time and effort required for analysis is what’s off-putting for many. Voxpopme, however, has automated the whole process seamlessly; users can identify key themes and sentiments, and then create a showreel in hours rather than weeks. Their software syncs up beautifully with the Zappi platform, granting researchers intuitive, qualitative learnings at the speed of modern business.

So you see, Voxpopme offers a unique and deeper forage into consumers’ emotional connection to brands. Step away from the Excel spreadsheets: 50% of the human brain is dedicated to visual processing, so presenting persuasive data in an engaging way will have much greater pickup company-wide.

Voxpopme leverages innovative technology to make video feedback a fast, scalable solution for researchers globally by:

  • Capturing video feedback at speed, without the restraints typically associated with this kind of research (scalability, expense, recruitment hassle factors)
  • Taking hundreds of quality-checked video responses and applying automatic human transcription and time-coding
  • Delivering sentiment scoring and advanced analysis (like thematic categorization)

This brings the most critical insights to the surface, ready to be built into research deliverables. Users can use keywords to search for specific segments of video that highlight areas of improvement or success, incorporate them into a shareable showreel, and distribute it as a compelling human argument across the entire business. All in one platform.

How does Voxpopme help tell your story?

Consumers seem to want to share their opinions and to be engaged with on a personalized, individualized level. However, market researchers feel that they are uncertain of the best ways to prompt consumers’ opinions. – Greenbook, 2015

Voxpopme is available as an add-on for tests in Zappi’s tried and trusted Creative Suite (that includes video, audio, and static ads). Which means marketers can further bolster their results with the emotional insight offered by video feedback.

Voxpopme is useful as a way of getting the rest of the business to absorb research findings too. 59% of executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, video is most likely to capture their attention. So the value in obtaining an immersive, consumer response is clear; but how does this translate in the real world?

A well-known FMCG giant, for instance, has taken to using customer-recorded video on smart boards throughout their headquarters, encouraging all employees to get closer to their customers. They recognize that anonymous respondent level data can be constructive, but it doesn’t always make for a compelling or convincing story. With video feedback, we can picture someone specific and better understand their problems (and praises).

It’s the businesses that embrace this revolutionary world of smart research that will remain ahead of the curve – by putting their consumers first.

Voxpopme meets Zappi

Using Voxpopme in conjunction with Zappi is surprisingly easy.

  • When you are configuring your chosen Zappi Creative Test, you’ll have the option to simply select ‘Voxpopme’ as an additional extra.
  • When your survey goes live, it will ask the respondents who qualify to record themselves offering verbal feedback.
  • You’ll be able to review the footage and analyze recurring sentiments and themes (you can dig a little deeper into this data by following the Voxpopme portal).

Finally, when you’ve found the overall consensus, you’ll have the option to search for and share specific segments of footage. This is an invaluable asset; communicate these intimate findings across your wider business and reach unanimity. The most important customer-centric decisions require more than just a number.

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