When thinking of A.I., chances are you might recall a selection of sinister robots from cinema: 2001’s HAL 9000, i Robot’s VIKI, or maybe Marvel’s Ultron. In actuality, A.I. is proving itself an invaluable aid, rather than a hindrance. To explore how it’s been infiltrating the world of Market Research, our own Dave Birch, CTO, conducted a webinar via Ray Poynter‘s NewMR.

HAL 9000

“I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t let you run that ad.”

As part of a series discussing Agility, Automation & A.I., Dave begins by quoting Einstein:

Any fool can know, the point is to understand.

Answers are relatively easy to come by, but what do they mean? How does data translate into a plan of action?

Dave reveals a solution; online tools and systems that recreate human thought processes through automation. Thus, increasing the availability of expertise via A.I., offering knowledge that has previously only been accessible by way of human specialists.

SusskindThe webinar explores automation through ZappiStore; providing expert, opinionated advice alongside unambiguous, visualised data. Trusted research methodologies, accessible at the touch of a button – void of human intervention.

Referencing Richard and Daniel Susskind‘s book, ‘The Future Of Professions‘, Dave also touches on the inevitable and confrontational changes this breed of technology looks set to bring upon industries of all kinds.

Despite these concerns, A.I. presents a future open to new avenues for invention, innovation, and creativity.

You can view the other webinars in this fascinating series, among many others, via Ray Poynter’s NewMR ‘Play Again’ feature.

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