You might think of Zappi as a factory, or a machine, humming away, navigating algorithms and delivering cutting-edge research. Truth be told, there’s a vast team of incredible people working behind the scenes, responsible for our amazing technology.

Since I joined Zappi in January 2018, I’ve appointed 39 people to roles throughout the business – that includes software developers, salespeople, and marketing experts to name a few. Most of us agree – we’ve never worked anywhere as forward-thinking.

Our Autonomy Puts Us in Control of Our Own Destinies

Each employee is treated as an adult, finding themselves with the ability to ‘customize’ their roles. They can put ideas forward, explore them, experiment, and execute.

Ultimately, we start in a position of trust (where other companies might lay a gauntlet for an employee, intended as a method of earning trust). We debate, disagree, and form new opinions – and so long as you take ownership of your ideas through to their endgame, you can go ahead and build something of your own design.

People at Zappi

I’ve been granted this kind of autonomy myself. I’ve built out Zappi’s recruitment processes in the ways I think are most efficient, and in doing so, I’ve been able to get to know people throughout many different geographies and functions. What’s more, I’ve been supported by a brilliant internal support structure with easy access to management (our CEO sits a few desks away from me and is very approachable).

As we’re big believers in the productivity that stems from operating in cross-functional teams, this sort of open dialogue is crucial. There’s space for everyone at Zappi to make large contributions across departments – and it really shows!

The Way We Work Improves What We Do for Clients

Our clients experience this restless innovation from their first point of contact with our sales team, to talking with project success (who deliver and implement our solutions), and customer success (who manage the long-term relationship). Our client transformation team also work very closely with clients to consult and challenge them on their research methods, pushing them to get the best out of our platform.

People at Zappi

All of this is to say: if you are a passionate, motivated, ideas-person, this is the place for you. The people working here genuinely care, seeking to maintain a collaborative, supportive, generous culture. What’s more, the work we do here transforms our clients’ day-to-day lives.

We’re not changing something that’s already been done, we’re building something new from scratch. The power of our technology is a truly transformative force in the industry, as well as for the individual. 

If you would like to keep up to date with the latest opportunities to work at Zappi, whether in the UK, the U.S., or elsewhere around the world, take a look at our Careers page on our website. 

Reena Makadia

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Reena Makadia

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