Our goal has always been to help businesses make better decisions by using the voice of the consumer. So far, we’ve welcomed prominent Fortune 100 brands as customers, developed 25 new solutions in-house, and scaled what we do globally. However, the more we listened to our clients, the more we felt the time had come to rebrand.

In true Zappi style, we developed all of our new branding assets iteratively, with Blue State Digital (BSD) as our ad agency partner and world-class marketing organization.

Every step involved intense consumer feedback. The route we took to reach our final result proved the value in having on-demand insight; we could test, learn, and build confidence in our new brand persona round the clock.

The days of Zappi being an app store of market research tools are over. Zappi is now a living, breathing platform. This new brand reflects our purpose, our tech, and the intelligent people we’re lucky enough to have build it.

Let’s walk you through some changes…

Our Set-Up Process: Project set-up time has been reduced by 30% and will continue to gain efficiencies over time

Our Reporting Platform: See all your research in a simple interface, build longitudinal reports, and dig deeper into the data. For those who purchase our subscription package, run on-demand meta-analysis, look at benchmarks by brand and product type, track ad campaign goals, and utilize automated statistical techniques across your projects.
Doing Business With Us: Our new pricing packages offer the most competitive industry rates, enabling you to use our platform when you need it – no paperwork.

Step-by-Step Onboarding: Our teams examined the onboarding of over 500 organizations to our platform and took learnings on how to effectively consult on the right set up processes.

Our Approach to Audience: Our surveys are short and mobile friendly. We consider it our responsibility to help clients and partners setup sampling frameworks that answer business questions in a scalable way.

We have rolled out pre-set audiences for our top verticals, as well as a template for using audiences to give you all the benefits of long term viability. Screen at the category consumption level, and filter by brand, retailer, and usage frequency.

Certified Consultants: Our Consulting Program is launching in the US. This is the best of both worlds: in-depth insights from our automation platform, with the hands-off approach of traditional market research methods. All of our consultants are trained to get the best out of our Zappi.

A James Hodges

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A James Hodges

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