ZappiStore was excited to host its first ever Hack on March 2nd in Amsterdam, a full day of workshops and discussions dedicated to bridging the gap between Research and Tech.

The event brought a select group of Insights professionals from the world’s most innovative research-buying companies together with the key tech stakeholders at ZappiStore in a meet-and-learn aiming to give both parties to a deeper understanding of each other’s universe. Presentation topics ranged from Agile Development to Data Merging, to AI and Machine Learning, with sessions ending with a special visit from guest Ray Poynter.



Steve Phillips, CEO, and Dave Birch, CTO, on Getting Value from Data


Attendees had the chance to get an understanding of the world of agile software development, how ZappiStore builds tech products, as well as explore topics like big data and automation against specific business issues.

From ZappiStore’s perspective, the Hack provided meaningful insight to our development team, adding context which will enable us to better tailor our tech offering to real business needs. At the same time, our team had the opportunity to bounce crazy ideas off a critical audience and take away valuable feedback on new areas of development to explore.



Team Huddles on Business Cases


Would you like to be part of any upcoming Zappi Events? Give us a shout and stay tuned for the next edition of ZappiHack coming to a city near you.



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